Extraordinary stories should be read


Unveiled secrets can not stay in the hands of a few

DEMAC collections

Although its book collection thrives mainly on contests, it also includes other academic and literary works that are consistent with the philosophy and objectives of our organization.

These works disseminate the critical analysis and the theoretical thinking of women and men who are at the forefront on gender studies. Currently, the DEMAC Publishing House has 156 titles, published from 1989 to 2014. These range from anthologies of autobiographical texts, winning stories, poetry books, writing handbooks, psychology and psychoanalysis studies, and biographies of women.

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The newsletters, published seasonally, four times a year, revolve around particular themes. Its contents include essays, testimonies of activities, excerpts from winning texts and research on women’s studies.

With a print run of 2,000 copies, they are distributed nationally and internationally to more than 1,500 people in 31 States of Mexico and 35 international locations. To date they have become a medium linking DEMAC with the female community it seeks to serve. In this page you can find all the newsletters published to date.

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Points of Sale

Convinced that these stories were valuable at different levels and that they could enrich and impact the lives of those who had them in their hands, DEMAC decided to found his own publishing house.

The idea of creating this publishing house was sparked by the power of the stories themselves. Their dissemination entailed the disclosure of new ways of self-defining oneself, new paradigms and role models to follow. Although some of these stories you can be found in our digital collection, you can buy many the collections at the different points of sale throughout Mexico.