DEMAC began its goal of promoting women’s autobiographical writing from 1993 through DEMAC Awards. The winners and deserving of mention texts published in our editorial, add 105 to 2014.


Mexican society to become aware of the reality of their women, work DEMAC Award worthy or mention have been published in this collection that gathers 37 biographies.

Women in prison

Collection gathers 291 autobiographies, which were participating in competitions Awards DEMAC Penitentiary. 2014 have been published in 14 books.

Guides and manuals

The overarching theme of this collection is that women start in the field of autobiographical writing and dare to tell their story.


With the aim of promoting and disseminating critical analysis and reflective thinking about women, brings together 80 titles concerning issues of Psychoanalysis, Feminism, poems, essays and autobiographical and biographical anthologies.

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